Encourage Risk Taking


As educators, we want to instruct our students and prepare them for their future. That being said, it is critical that we encourage them to be bold, to take risks, and try new things. When you think of the many great inventions over the past century, how many were created on the very first try?

History is filled with great men who took risks… Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Louis Pasteur, Henry Ford, Fred Smith, Michael Jordan, Steve Jobs… the list goes on and on. As you look at the students in your class, it may not be the ones that earn the highest grades that will make an impact in the future. As teachers, we have a great opportunity to encourage and inspire our future leaders. We need to encourage them to take risks, let them know that it is okay to fail, that the key is to learn and persevere.

As you look at your students today, tomorrow and the next day… look for opportunities to challenge them to look at things through a different lens and seek out new ways to approach situations and problems. Who knows? One of these days, one of your students may be the one to find a cure for cancer, or invent a product that transforms an industry. Be a risk taker and see what happens!


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  1. Paul,
    Important concepts presented. When i was in Argentina, I was told on many occasions the phrase “que tomas una salta de fe” (to take a leap of faith). It really stuck with me as I made important choices and decisions that affected me on a personal level. The application of this is crucial for students (and staff alike) to become successful in school and in life.


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